Last update: 29 September 2010 (Note: This page is about to be completely reworked.)

I am not going to put prices here.Just know that they are not cheap, as I have to make them by hand as ordered.If I had an order for 5 or more complete sets, then I can get a quantity discount and have the circuit boards manufactured elsewhere, saving me time and you money.

Controller module, provides full functionality for LED turn signals and brakes including running lights and custom flashing (Features)

All LEDs below work without the controller. Note about LEDs: LEDs draw much less current than filament lights. Most older flasher relays and many new ones are designed to flash faster when the current load decreases to let you know a light might be burned out. The above controller replaces this flasher, and lets you set the flash rate. Alternatively, if you don t want the controller, you can take your stock flasher to any auto parts store and ask for one just like it that works with LEDs.

Please note that Iím not including prices here because the demand is low, and every time I check, something has changed.

Modified brake 32 LEDs built into your stock brake light assembly, integrated turn signals plus license plate LEDs (image)

XB taillight/brakelight replacement, for units currently with bulbs, 36 LEDs plus license plate LEDs

Running lights module that does not make your dash blinker light stay on all the time if you don't want the expense of the controller

12-LEDs built into your stock signals, set of 4 (Image 1) (Image 2)

8-LEDs built into your stock signals, set of 4 (Image 1) (Image 2) Note: these are only slightly brighter than stock

16-LEDs built into your stock signals, set of 4 (Image)

16-LEDs as above, but with two high intensity white LEDs in each front signal (Image)

I was charging a flat rate even for custom jobs, but most custom jobs take a lot of time to redesign.  Because of this, I've come up with customization charges:  Turn signal customizations are $50 each.  This means that if you want a new design, and that new design is applied to all 4 signals, it's just $50 added.  If you want front signals with one setup and rear with another, that would be $50 x 2.  Taillight customizations can be from $50 to $100, depending on how complex the customization is.  For a custom controller, $100.Most of the time, the customization for controllers is just programming.There is no charge for program changes.A custom controller would have more inputs or outputs than the stock controller.Stock controller has 4 inputs for Left, Right, Brake, and one optional input.It has 8 outputs, one for the blinker relay replacement, 4 for the 4 turn signals, and 3 for several options.One option is a single output for the brake, or 2 outputs for split brakes.One or two outputs can be used for driving the high intensity LEDs in front signals.These variances can be handled with program changes, so there is no extra cost.If you want more inputs or outputs, then you can expect a cost change.If you need more than a total of 12 inputs and outputs, then there will be an additional fee for the cost of additional components as well.

Note on this video that the turn signals I am using are not as bright as the production LEDs.

If you can not send me your stock assemblies, I can acquire new assemblies from Buell at the current rates.  I will not mark those prices up, however, I will charge whatever shipping charges I have to pay if they are not available locally.

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