New 12 LED signal, will work with stock setup or controller:

Note:  The turn signal shown here has 8 LEDs.  The production model will have 12 LEDs for more brightness.  You can also get brighter LEDs in a cluster of 4.  Four of these LEDs are about twice as bright as 12 of the regular superbright LEDs.

These pictures compare LED conversion on the left to stock on the right.  The first picture is in a dark room.

This picture shows the signals from the side.  Once again, the LEDs are on the left.

Another angle.  Note the 8 LEDs.

One more angle.  The 8 LEDs are more noticeable.

Note the LED board in the background.  That was a previous brake prototype.

Here's the brake light with all 30 LEDs blazing.

Left turn, no brake activated.  Note the right side is dim.  The camera tried to adjust, and it looks almost off.

Here it is at an angle, brake activated.  This gives better side visibility.

Here you can see the license plate LEDs.

This shot shows the left turn signal is on.  I took this picture in the garage, so it looks like the left turn and left brake LEDs are lit at the same time because the shutter stays open too long..  The brake LEDs operate opposite from the turn signal, i.e., when the left signal is off, the left brake LEDs are on.