23 May 08

Here's a picture of my workbench.  I've set up the ignition box with a round connector with all the connections I need so I can leave the wire harness in the bike while I work on the box.

24 April 08

Sometimes, you look at everything you've been doing, and you realize you can either go through and work with what you have, tweaking here and there, adding here and there, and things will work.  Then you start thinking, "that's how Microsoft does it."  That's when I decided to start with all-new software.  I kept my old code around as reference, and started new blank programs.

Here's a shot of my PC application.  TPS and BAS are working as far as sending readings to the PC, but that's all I have in the ignition module as of now.

Any numbers here are default values.  I borrowed minimum and maximum TPS percent timing curve data from something I found posted somewhere around here, and interpolated the mid numbers.  I can tune from there.  The Scan interval just determines miliseconds between requests for data from the module.  The blank bars are the sliders.  When values are being read, they'll show a blue bar according to minimum and maximum values.