My Buell Blast page!  Updated 13 July 2009

My projects are for Buell Blasts.  The signal enclosures are the same for all Buells, except the 1125R, which already comes with LEDs.  No point in my trying to modify them, huh?  I can fix dead ones, though!  Taillights are different!  I have a design for an XB brake light, and am working on one with integrated turn signals as time permits.

This page is to highlight the conjunction of three of my hobbies: electronics, computers, and motorcycling.  Iíve been into electronics since I was a kid.  I remember wiring up a bunch of electrical things and putting them in a carboard box.  It was a pretend computer.  It had lights and things, and an electric motor from a barbecue rotisserie to make a cool noise so that it didnít just look like a box of lights.  These were all 120 volt items, but my mom didnít seem to be too concerned.  I think I was about 7 or 8 at the time.

I make this stuff for fun.  I found that some others are interested in having something similar.  If you are, let me know.  If I sell a few, it funds my hobbies.  I certainly wonít get rich!

As an example, someone requests a custom LED setup.  He isnít going for anything extensive, so I charge $105.  First, I spend about 3 hours designing the custom boards.  (Actually, it can take a lot more time than that, especially if I mess up and have to redo something.)  Then I spend another hour printing them and verifying the layout.  It takes another hour to etch them and yet another hour cleaning them and coating them.  They sit for 2 days for the coating to cure.  Add another 2 hours to cut them out and attach parts.  Finished!  So, thatís about 8 hours.  That comes out to about $13 or so an hour.  If only the parts were free!  Out of that $13.12 an hour, I have to buy circuit boards, etchant, transfer paper, LEDs, regulators, wire, etc.

So, here are my projects.

Not the latest pictures of my Blast